Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Review: Zebra Z-Grip

I first saw these at my local Staples, and I was surprised at the fact that they had identical pens and pencils! So I bought a pack......

These looked like pretty good intruments. The grips had these nice bulges in three sections. After opening the package of 3 pens and 3 pencils, (not pictured here) I noticed the nice colors. The pens and pencils were both bright and cheerfully made! (Even the black one) 

Additionally, the cap at the end of the pen was very smooth, as it allowed for fast clicks, and it made a clicking noise. On the pencil, the cap was a cover to the eraser hidden underneath. Een on the pencil, the back cap was nice.

As stated on the package, the grip of the pen/pencils were rather soft indeed. The bumps near the front of the grip gave a nice texture to writing.

One problem with the pencil version was that the lead sometimes jammed in the tip. This was an easy fix, but it was rather troublesome. To fix this, I took an x-acto knife, and jammed it a little bit into the tip of the lead mechanism. This made the hole for lead a little bit bigger, resulting in no more jams. 

With the pen version, I felt rather cheated when i noticed that all of the colorful pens wrote in black ink. I felt rather annoyed at myself.

Rating (PEN): 7/10

Pros: Colorful grips, nice click mechanism, soft grip, cheap

Cons: All came in black ink

Rating (PENCIL): 6.5/10

Pros: Colorful grip, nice click mechanism, soft grip, cheap

Cons: Lead jammed occasionally

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  1. arg...
    if all of the "colorful" pens wrote in black, then u have the wrong edition...