Sunday, November 21, 2010

Review: Sakura Gelly Roll

Living in Washington, I know exactly where Bartell Drugs is, and when I went here one day, I saw a hidden surprise. Sakura Gelly Rolls!

When I first saw these, I was amazed, because I thought they could only be found in Japan or something. My penspinning side took over, and I wanted to make some ballsign mods, but I decided that reviewing them first as pens might be beneficial. All of the colors in the pack I bought were vibrant, and I felt that they wrote well. There was the occasional smudge, but unless you were writing a book, you wouldn't notice. The gels were rather balanced, and it kind of made up for the fact that there was no grip. (I am a Dr. Grip fan) I was dissapointed by the amount of ink, because after a days use, the black one was half way done. Even so, they are an great set of pens in case you wanted to do something artsy.

Rating: 8/10

Pros: vibrant, color assortment, balanced, light, useful for a ballsign mod

Cons: expensive (8 bucks a pack), little smudging, light and cheap-seeming 


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