Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Review: Pilot Airblanc

I first saw this on JetPens, and was always fascinated for three reasons. 

1. It used .3mm lead
2. It had an "air cushioned grip"
3. It was appealing to the eye

My friend Aaron bought me this pencil for my birthday. At first sight, it was a really beautiful pencil. The vibrant colours and nice grip design blew me away. When I first started writing with this, I notice that the click mechanism was a little bit too strong, as the lead snapped easily. (It was .3 mm, but anyways...) The grip worked as promised! On the description, it was noted that there were small indentations in the grip, to promote air flow. This kept the grip cool at all times. Another feature which amazed me was the metal tip of the pencil. On most $3.00 pencils, the tip is not made from metal, and when it was, the metal was not real, it was a shiny plastic. This pencil was a surprise because the tip was cold to the touch, and very solid. Even when the lead snapped, the lead inside the pencil stayed in one piece. 

Rating: 8/10

Pros: Nice grip, cheap, good design, metal tip

Cons: Impossible to get in the U.S.

It's such a nice pencil! Get one at JetPens.
-Aaron and Anand

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