Sunday, November 21, 2010

Review: Zebra Sarasa

I found 30 of these things just lying in my house, and I thought I would review them!

At first look, I noticed tiny lines on the grips, but a closer look showed the impurities in the grip. In all of my Sarasa's, there was a little tear on the grip. Even with this slight imperfection, I started writing and realized that the pen was pretty good! The Ink flowed nicely, and there were no clogs or blots. Additionally, it dried quickly. I proceeded to open the pen, and take out the ink tube. It appeared to me as a Pilot G2 inktube, but was a little thicker. The ink compound resembled that of a G2 in some ways, but was not as nice. The ergonomic design, and the nice ink put this pen in my pencil pouch, but the grip is an issue that Zebra needs to fix.

Rating: 7/10

Pros: Nice Ink, flows well, ergonomic, many colors, vibrant, portable, cheap

Cons: Grip tears easily, rather flimsy after much use

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