Monday, November 22, 2010

Review: Uniball Vision Elite

To mark the usage of our email, we accepted a request from "jules" to do a review on a Uniball Vision Elite. I have these in my pencil pouch, so it was pretty cool.

At first look, it was pretty cool. I saw potential in the chamber grip transfer system, where the ink oozed through each "chamber" to aerate and make the ink flow. When writing with the pen, I noticed a lot of slip in the ink, as it splashed around when making fast lines. When writing normally, I noticed that the ink was great, barely leaking through the paper! Another thing I found was that the ink lasts forever! Because of the grip system, less ink = more writing!

I found this pen to be really good in my Algebra class, because it drew extremely fine lines, and appeared well on graph paper. This is a great pen, a must have for a pencil pouch.

Rating: 8/10

Pros: perfect lines, nice design, long ink supply, cheap, colors (red, green, pink, blue, black)

Cons: Smudges



  1. It dries in 4-9 seconds, depending on the weather and paper.