Sunday, November 21, 2010

Review: Those #2 Pencils

As a kid, I loved #2 pencils. They were my favourite. I'd never be seen without a couple freshly sharpened #2 pencils. They just felt and looked great to me! But as I aged, so did the pencil world. No longer was I so obsessed with #2 pencils and their mundane style. I have a little story to share...
One school day, I was writing with my wonderful lackluster pencils. The person sitting next to me had a wide array of wonderfully crafted mechanical pencils. As I was a curious boy, I reached out my hand to hold one of the pencils. The grip was soft and squishy, and the pencil was nice and heavy. It looked great in my hand and I loved the way it felt...
And, that was the end of my #2 Pencil Obsession. Turns out I managed to grab a Dr. Grip.
No. 2 Pencils.
Overall: 3/10
Pros: Cheap
Cons: Easily broken, lackluster look and feel, tough on hands, many better pencils.


  1. I'm reading this only because i have nothing better to do because tomorrow is a snow day...

    No comment except...nice...anecdote

  2. thanks, aaron + anand. very nice blog you have here.

  3. I'm still fond of those number 2 pencils, they're so ubiquitous and familiar. They remind me of standardized testing though, which is annoying.
    I'm surprised you guys can write this much about pens and still keep it interesting, I would never be able to do that!

  4. Thank you, Bob the Great. We still carry a few #2 pencils as well :).