Monday, November 22, 2010

Review: Crayola Supertip

For my little brother's art projects, my dad went all out, and bought a pack of these things. I know that these are some of the most useful pens for penspinning, and they can make tons of mods, but I wanted to review them first, as pens.

At first glance, I noticed that there were tons of different colors, and that there were some scented ones! Being the wierd person that I am, I ripped open the pack and busted out one of the black bodied pens, and took a whif. To tell you the truth, I almost threw up. They smelt horrible! Ok, maybe the raspberry one was good, but some of them were plain nasty!

Now to the writing side, I colored in a drawing using a few of them, and was surprised at how vibrant the colors were! Unfortunately, like all Crayola markers, after some heavy usage, the ink wore out of the tip, but after five minutes of shaking the pen, I got it to write.....for another two minutes. This was a big upset for me, because these markers are used for drawings, and they did not live up to their standards as markers.

Rating: 5/10

Pros: Vibrant, SOME smelt good, cheap

Cons: most smelt like garbage, wears out fast, rather hard to make straight lines.


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