Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Review: Sharpie Accent Highlighter

Highlighters are useful anywhere. They can be used to mark sections in books, but they have many more uses. This particular highlighter has the use of being thrown in the trash within five seconds of purchase.

You are wondering why I loathe these things so much, and I will tell you. At first, I noticed many kids in school using them. To see if they were any good, I scrounged some up at home. Proud to own one, I took it to class on the day that we were highlighting a science article. After uncapping my bright yellow highlighter, I proceeded to make a line on the paper, to see that it had smudged the ink. Stopping right away, I noticed the ink flowing through all five pages of text. My science assignment was ruined. Coming home that day, I tested it out and found a few things.

Even though they look rather nice, and they come in nice colors, the ink is not as vibrant. The bright yellow one appears as a pastel color, and the serene blue is an ugly gray-blue. Putting that to side, I tested out the ink, after my traumatic experience in science. It was just as bad as before unfortunately. The Ink flowed right through the paper, and it smudged any highlights. The "smudgeguard" emblem on the package doesn't mean anything.

Rating: 3/10

Pros: Aesthetically pleasing, rather balanced

Cons: Ink sucks, doesn't write as the color on the tube, smudges


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